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HI Mr. Weisler,

I finished my final draft of my supplement about your office, and I figured I should share!! Here it is. 

During my underclassmen years, I would stare in wonderment as I passed by Mr. Weisler’s office, which was filled with couches, stuffed animals, M&Ms, and energetic students. I was intimidated by the abundance of upperclassmen that flocked there during their free periods, and I was baffled that a tiny office could be home to so many.

In junior year when I had Mr. Weisler as my history teacher, I decided to come to his office the second week of school to discuss an assignment and see what all the fuss was about. As he read through my American Revolution essay, I scarfed down M&Ms and chatted with the seniors that were there. I told my friends about my experience and convinced them to come back with me the next week. Slowly, we started spending more and more time in his office, as if it were our new home base in a crowded, overwhelming environment. I ate lunch there almost every day, and other people from my grade would do the same. The office was our oasis from the “rules” of high school, and although we were all from different social circles, the shared appreciation for our little community joined us together. Each day brought new conversations about politics, pop culture, assignments, and extracurriculars. Mr. Weisler’s office proved to be not only a refuge in an otherwise stressful atmosphere, but a place where I felt comfortable to learn from others, cultivate my own ideas, and find my voice.

Hope you have a great weekend!


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