U.S. History Students, This Course Is For You!

The lessons here at Listen and Learn History are specifically designed with you in mind. Their purpose is to deepen your knowledge and understanding of U.S. History, to help make you a better and more confident student, and to do so in an engaging and enjoyable way.

How might you use these lessons?

As a student, you may face a learning challenge that may make textbook reading difficult or frustratingly slow.

You may need to study comprehensively but quickly for a school exam or assignment or a standardized exam like an AP test or a U.S. History Subject Test.

You may be challenging yourself by taking an upper-level class and feel the need for additional reinforcement and support.

You may want to participate more often and with greater confidence in class. Listening to these lessons before your classroom teacher covers these topics in school may give you the confidence to do that, and to excel in class as a result.

You may find that your U.S. History class at school simply moves too quickly. These are lessons whose pace you control.

In many cases you will find that these lessons may serve as a cost-saving and “always there, whenever you need it” substitute for in-person tutoring when there is important content you know you are responsible for that you feel shaky or uncertain about.

The length of these lessons varies depending upon the topic. They average thirty-seven minutes. Because they are presented in lecture format much more content is covered in a single lesson here than, and I say this as a longtime classroom teacher, a single class period in school could do. That is how a survey course can be delivered in only fifty-nine lessons.

You will see that each lesson you purchase is accompanied by a set of slides. The slides are meant to be viewed as you listen, and I believe you will get the most out of a lesson if you do so. But you should be able to learn a lot just by listening if you choose to do that instead.

Finally, Listen and Learn History is very much a grateful and “pay it forward” endeavor. All proceeds from any lesson you purchase here will, through the Annual Fund Scholars Program at Columbia University Teachers College, provide financial aid and tuition assistance for the graduate studies of students who have chosen to devote their careers to the field of secondary education. On behalf of these talented future educators and all of the students whose lives they will surely impact, thank you!

If you have any questions about this course and whether it is suitable for you just drop me a “Hi Adam” note using the “contact” tab here on the website. 

Adam Weisler