About The Instructor

Since 1998 Adam Weisler has taught basic, intermediate and Advanced Placement U.S. History and U.S. Government and Politics survey courses at Scarsdale High School, one of the most rigorous and nationally renowned high schools in the United States.

Adam received his undergraduate degree from The George Washington University in Washington, DC, and earned M.A.,M.Phil and PhD degrees from the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences at Columbia University in New York City. He also did his teacher training at Columbia, earning a Master of Education degree from its Teachers College.

While attending Teachers College Adam did his student teaching at Stuyvesant High School in New York City and at Scarsdale and served as an adjunct professor in the City University of New York (CUNY) system, teaching courses in American Government and Politics, an area of interest inspired by early internships in the United States Senate, with the Majority Leader of the United States House of Representatives, and with the committee organizing a national political party convention at New York’s Madison Square Garden.

Adam worked for eight years as a US History tutor with Advantage Testing helping students from Long Island, Westchester and Connecticut prepare for standardized US History tests and assisting them in managing the stresses and challenges of day-to-day US History assignments and exams in their schools and classes.

Adam serves as a trustee of the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library in Hyde Park, NY, the first of the thirteen presidential libraries in the nation’s presidential library system and as an adjunct instructor at Columbia University.

A member of the Organization of American Historians, the American Historical Association and the American Political Science Association, for seven years, in partnership with The College Board and the French Ministry of Education, Adam served as one of two nationwide history and geography examiners administering the “Option Internationale Du Baccalauréat (OIB)” portion of the prestigious French “Bac” national academic qualifying exam first created by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1808.

Adam is a native of Long Island, New York and a resident of Westchester County, New York.


“I took Advanced Topics in US Government with Adam Weisler during my senior year of high school (2013-2014). Mr. Weisler is a fantastic teacher. His lectures are dynamic, engaging, and thoughtful. I majored in government in college in part because of how much I enjoyed his class in high school. I would recommend his US history course to absolutely anyone hoping to improve their understanding of our complex nation.”

– Charlie Blatt

“This is fantastic news! What a rare opportunity to listen and learn history with Adam Weisler, a phenomenal educator with a demonstrated track record of success in teaching students. Mr. Weisler’s dedication and commitment shows in everything he does. This project and his intent to donate to Columbia University Teachers College are classic examples of his excellence, expertise, care, and deeply thoughtful humanity. I am thrilled to endorse his site, his lessons, and his idea, and I hope as many people as possible discover Listen and Learn History.”
Caroline Crosson Gilpin: Former Scarsdale Inquirer Education Editor, parent of Adam Weisler’s former students, and fellow teacher and Teachers College alumna. 

‘Having the privilege of being one of Mr. Weisler’s Advanced Placement Government students was one of the most formative experiences of my education. His zest for teaching made what could be dull subjects interesting, and made interesting subjects unforgettable. Mr. Weisler’s many years teaching have clearly played a role in his developing lesson plans filled with the most relevant and applicable information possible, making for an engaging, rewarding learning experience. The heart and effort that goes into every class, not to mention each and every student interaction, is unparalleled; I cannot recommend Mr. Weisler highly enough.”

– Mallory Minster

“Mr. Weisler is the paragon of an educator. When I took his AP U.S. History course in high school, I was immediately struck by his breadth and depth of knowledge about American History, Government, and Politics. In addition, and most importantly, Mr. Weisler cares deeply about his students and their learning. His course was never rooted in rote memorization, but rather in dynamic explorations that sought to understand the history and connect it to the present-day. He inspired my decision to major in History of Medicine at Yale, and I wish I had this resource for my American History courses in college!’

– Beatrix Thompson


“I was a student of Mr. Weisler’s from 2015-2016 in his AP U.S. History class, and I can truthfully say that he was one of the best teachers I had during my time at Scarsdale High School. I came into class excited every day to participate in his lessons. He teaches in an articulate, engaging fashion and possesses a deep, perceptive understanding of United States history. He also uniquely intertwines historical themes with current events to develop a nuanced approach to learning history. Above all else, Mr. Weisler is committed to his students’ personal growth and intellectual fulfillment; he makes time to get to know each and every one of his students on a personal level. The collegiate quality of his lectures instilled in me a deep interest in American history that I still, as a student at Harvard College, hold to this day.”

– Emily Markowitz

‘Adam Weisler is an exceptional teacher. I took AP US History with Mr. Weisler during the academic year of 2016-2017. To date, he has been one of the best teachers I have ever had. His passion for history and knowledge of the topics discussed in class is unparalleled. Mr. Weisler has always been very in tune with his students’ needs and I believe that Listen and Learn History will be a great resource for students and interested learners alike.”

– Maria-Chiara Bellomo

“I took AP U.S. History with Mr. Weisler as a junior at Scarsdale High School. His comprehensive and well-structured classes enabled me to think critically and develop a sophisticated understanding of American history. Mr. Weisler’s ability to intertwine historical narratives with current events kept us consistently engaged and eager to learn more. Even more impressive than his teaching style is Mr. Weisler’s ability to listen and connect with his students. He always exhibited exceptional patience and an unwavering willingness to help students comprehend complex topics. Spending a year as one of Mr. Weisler’s student was one of my favorite experiences in high school. As a senior at Yale University, I still use knowledge from his class to inform my academic thinking.”

– Kate Donovan

“Adam Weisler is an outstanding educator. As my American History teacher from 2009-2010, I still remember how his lessons, exams, and assignments motivated us not only to learn but to teach each other. Adam’s lessons blended student presentations about specific topics throughout American history where he filled in any omissions and expanded on topics he knew were important. Adam also integrated documentary films about topics such as the colonization of North America or the Busing crisis in Boston. His decades of experience both studying and teaching American history have given him an expansive catalog of films, photographs, and documents that show the big picture of our history while emphasizing the individual impacts of these events that changed our country and people’s lives. I have no doubt these lessons are prepared with the same care and quality as if he was teaching you or your student in person

– Anthony Lyons

“I took AP Government with Mr. Weisler my senior year of high school, and over 10 years (and 3 degrees later,) I can confidently say that Mr. Weisler is the best instructor I’ve ever had. He is clear, extremely engaging, cares about his students, and is a truly kind person. His content and lectures are extremely high quality, and I couldn’t recommend this material enough – I feel lucky to have learned from him.”

– Alex Friedman

“I have been working in national politics and government for almost 15 years, and it is no exaggeration to say that I owe the success of my career to Mr. Weisler’s teaching. His classes taught me to both question and appreciate the history, systems, and beliefs that govern our country, and the thorough education I received in his classes have stayed with me for years beyond my time in his classroom. He is a thorough, passionate, and engaged teacher who set me on my professional path, and I’m forever grateful to have had him as my teacher.”

– Abigail Collazo

‘I had Mr. Weisler for advanced placement US history in 2011. Mr. Weisler has a thorough teaching style which really engaged students in his lessons. He also made an effort to keep students up to date on current events by having regular quizzes. Mr. Weisler also truly cared about his students’ education. We still regularly keep in touch even though I have now graduated college. Listen & Learn History is an important source of information for anyone who is interested in US history!”

– Sara Shah

“Mr. Weisler is, without a doubt, one of my absolute favorite teachers I have had throughout my many years of schooling. He is an inspiring, intelligent, and passionate educator that I have had the pleasure of knowing for many years and am still in contact with, and I could not recommend his courses more highly. I put all my trust in his ability to present information in a highly informative, engaging, and fun way. Even though I am currently in veterinary school, I am definitely considering taking a course or two to refresh up on some history myself!”

– Emily Hirsch

‘I had the pleasure of learning from Mr Weisler in both my junior and senior year of high school, in his US History class and then in his Government/Politics class. His teaching style is thoroughly engaging and really does make the student want to continue hearing the story of our country. The lesson plan is very organized, a positive aspect that easily translates to an online setting. Mr Weisler’s lessons are easy to follow and very helpful in breaking down the events of a period in US History, explaining cause and effect, and demonstrating the impact of the topics and moments students are learning about. Although I loved being able to engage with Mr Weisler in person, I have no doubt that his online lessons will provide great assistance for any US History student.”

– Craig Carroll

“When I was a SHS high student (back in 2003-2007), Mr. Weisler’s AP U.S. History class was the class that I, along with all my classmates, hoped to be in. Mr. Weisler was one of those rare student-made celebrity teachers, and it was well known amongst my classmates that Mr. Weisler would make you fall in love with history and learning.  You want to perform your best in his class and beyond.  I, however, was amongst the unlucky ones who did not get a seat in his AP U.S. History class. Which meant when I had the opportunity to select any teacher to be my senior year thesis mentor, I selected Mr. Weisler, even though I never had him as my own teacher. From this experience, I can attest to the unique extent that Mr. Weisler can connect with students. His enthusiasm and intellectual curiosity was contagious. The critical thinking and communication skills I learned from Mr. Weisler have only become more valuable as I got older. With Mr. Weisler’s creation of Listen and Learn History, I am eager to (finally!!) have the opportunity to take Mr. Weisler’s history class. I know Listen and Learn History will be uniquely cherished and intellectually devoured by all students, highschoolers and beyond.”

– Emily Kenison 

“I had the good fortune to take two classes with Adam Weisler, World History and AP Economics, as a high school student in the early 2000s. Mr. Weisler was one of the best teachers I had at a school full of great instructors. He was clear and concise, and consistently found ways to keep his students engaged with the material. He also connected what we studied in class to current events and real-world examples, ensuring we understood the subject matter in context. Nearly two decades later, I still recall learnings from Mr. Weisler’s curriculum because of his innovative and effective methods. Finally, Mr. Weisler always approached his classes and students with warmth and good humor. I was hardly unique in having him as a favorite teacher. I cannot recommend his program highly enough.” 

– Stephanie Margulies

“I had the pleasure of taking Mr. Weisler’s American History class at Scarsdale High School in 2010. I began that school year with a different history teacher, but was switched to Mr. Weisler’s class due to a scheduling error. I still say today that the scheduling error changed my experience at SHS, since it introduced me to one of the most talented, compassionate, and creative teachers. Mr. Weisler is a true educator who develops engaging lesson plans that are easy to understand and suitable for students with varying abilities. After my first class with him, I elected to take his U.S Government class in 2011, which had a waitlist due to his popularity at SHS. The students recognized Mr. Weisler’s dedication to teaching, and Listen and Learn History is another clear indication of his passion for education and American history.”  

– Caitlin Pitofsky

‘I was lucky to have Mr. Weisler as my teacher for AP Government during my senior year (2001-2002) at Scarsdale High School. Of all of my professors, including those in college and law school, Mr. Weisler was one of the very best. He is a talented and brilliant educator, and his lessons are engaging, informative, memorable, and accessible to all kinds of learners. Mr. Weisler teaches with genuine enthusiasm for the subject matter and a love for students. In fact, Mr. Weisler remains a mentor to me nearly 20 years later. Listen & Learn History is an invaluable resource for any student or anyone who is interested in U.S. History!’

– Jessica Djilani 

“I had the good fortune of taking Mr. Weisler’s US History class in 2008-2009. None of my instructors throughout my school days were as thorough and organized as Mr. Weisler. He came up with comprehensive term lists and engaging essay questions for students to prepare for each test. He really put in the effort to create a roadmap to an ‘A’ for his students while actively instilling in them a desire to learn the material. After hearing that he made Listen and Learn History, I wasn’t surprised that he finished such a laborious project. It demonstrates what I already knew about him: his immense dedication to his students.”

– Brian Chae

“Adam Weisler was my US History and AP US History teacher at Scarsdale High School. In addition to being in his classes, he was my mentor during my senior internship, when I worked for Congresswoman Nita Lowey. Mr. Weisler’s courses in high school were incredibly engaging. I learned a great deal while also having fun. I was able to apply what I learned to the world around me. His classes were my favorite courses during my time at Scarsdale High School. He cares so much about his students and their love of learning, and he remains my friend and mentor 15 years later. I strongly recommend this website, as his US History lessons are truly effective and enriching for any high school student.”
– Rebecca Goldberg

“Mr. Weisler was my AT U.S. History teacher in the 2015-2016 school year and was my favorite history teacher. His course did an incredible job preparing me for college humanities courses because it drew from academic writing rather than rote textbook learning, and lectures were structured similarly to college history lectures. His teaching style provides deep analysis into history while still allowing room for intellectual exploration and curiosity. He is also incredibly kind and thoughtful, and I really enjoyed hearing his perspectives on history and the world every day of junior year. Any student would be lucky to learn from him!”

– Zoe Ewing

‘I would wholeheartedly recommend any lessons created by Adam Weisler and “Listen And Learn History” is no exception. Even 10 years later, I still remember how engaging, thorough and interesting all of Mr. Weisler’s classes were. Mr. Weisler has an uncanny ability to tailor lessons to a wide variety of learning styles and interests, while making sure all topics are covered in a rigorous manner. Any student would be lucky to have him and I am excited he has created this offering to expand his impact!’ 

– Emily Lampert

“Mr. Weisler is hands down the best and most effective teacher I have had in all of my years of education. He is so dedicated to his students and teaches the subject matter in such an interesting and engaging way. His lessons have really made an impact on my views, even now, over 10 years since I took his class. I was excited to learn about his new program that is accessible for so many more people to take advantage of. Anyone would be very lucky to have the opportunity to learn from him, and I highly encourage anyone who is thinking of taking his course!”

– Veronica Ifrah

“Adam Weisler is an exceptional teacher who uses his love of learning to inspire students. I was a student in his AP U.S. History course during my junior year of high school. Mr. Weisler came to class prepared with concise lesson plans and was always enthusiastic about the course material. Not only is Mr. Weisler a dedicated educator, but he is also a caring role model. His great communication and listening skills are just a couple of the reasons he became my favorite mentor.”

– Sami Meyers

“Mr. Weisler is an incredible teacher. He makes information easy to understand and digestible while being thorough and thoughtful. His lessons catalyzed my interest in American History and shaped how I view American politics today. Cannot recommend enough!” 

– Isabel Steckel

“Mr. Weisler changed my perspective on history class. In other years of middle and high school, I struggled to stay engaged in history classes, because I often got overwhelmed with all of the dates and important figures we were expected to memorize. However, Mr. Weisler changed that. He tells U.S. history as a story, and I honestly sometimes forgot that I was supposed to be taking notes because he told history in such an animated way. Because I was finally able to be engaged in history class, I found it much easier to associate the years and the names of significant actors with the events throughout history that I was learning about, because I was learning about these two components in a context that I could understand and that was interesting to me.”

– Emma Townsend

“I took Mr. Weisler’s US history course my Junior year of high school. His class was extremely engaging! The class included detail parallel to a Ken Burns documentary, yet Mr. Weisler’s teaching style made it very easy to understand. I can legitimately say I was excited to go to school because I knew Mr. Weisler’s history class was on my schedule!”

– Brian Sussman

“I was lucky enough to take Mr. Weisler’s AP Government class during my senior year at Scarsdale High School in 2013. He is a phenomenal and caring teacher. He has the unique ability to take complex topics and break them down into digestible and interesting lesson plans for his students. I would encourage anyone with a child in high school or even just an interest in history to take advantage of this invaluable resource.”

– Caroline Pitofsky

“Mr. Weisler was truly one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. I was lucky enough to have him for my junior year history class, and enjoyed his class so much I made my schedule senior year to guarantee he’d be my teacher again. Having him for both my junior and senior year history classes, I can tell you how passionate he is about the subject. He loves his students, and would do anything to help them succeed. Not only is Mr. Weisler incredibly passionate about the subject, he is also so knowledgeable about it. He has answers to even the hardest questions, and always manages to explain things so that every student grasps the information. He helps his students grow, in ways they could never imagine and leaves a lasting impact many years after they have left his class.”

– Zoe Reiter

“Mr. Weisler is easily one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. I feel fortunate to have been taught by someone as dedicated to education as him. His lectures are well thought out, diverse, and so effortlessly executed that it made learning history, a topic which I had no particular inclination towards prior to his class, seem like reading a storybook I didn’t want to put down. His vast knowledge of US history left no question unanswered, no matter how esoteric. Aside from his excellent teaching and ability to cultivate a desire to learn within students, Mr. Weisler is an extremely amiable and caring person. He is the kind of teacher to invest in the success of each and every one of his students. Mr Weisler’s class was the highlight of my high school experience and I cannot recommend these lectures enough!”

– Sonali Sharma

“Mr. Weisler is an incredible teacher. Having had the opportunity to take his class, I speak from experience when I say his lectures are incredibly engaging, thought-provoking, and clear. He has a unique way of making complicated theory and historical events not only easy to understand, but entertaining and memorable. His was one of the few courses in high school that actually helped to prepare me for college coursework.”

– Angela Coco

“Mr. Weisler is one of the greatest teachers anyone could ever have! He has an incredible way of engaging every student through innovative lesson plans and dynamic class activities. His dedication to his students and their success goes beyond the classroom! Even after graduating from SHS 7+ years ago, Mr. Weisler is still an incredible mentor to me. His passion for both teaching and history is unparalleled – I cannot recommend Listen & Learn History enough!”

– Eliane Engelhard

“Mr. Weisler was my social studies teacher during my junior year of high school – he developed a class called “The American Dream” in which we learned about American history largely through music associated with each decade.  I still, to this day, retain certain information from this class (e.g., the historical references behind the lyrics to “We Didn’t Start the Fire”), which I fully attribute to his engaging and easy to understand teaching methods.  20 years (and college and graduate school) later – Mr. Weisler is still the most inspirational teacher I ever had.  He also served as a mentor to me in high school, college and still does to this day as he makes an effort to meet with me when he travels to my area.  Students were always happy to see Mr. Weisler on their school schedules, and this program will be an incredible resource and opportunity to share his lessons with other high school history students!” 

– Jessica DeSimone

“I had Mr. Weisler for 12th grade AP US Government in 2008-2009, and 10+ years later, I’m still quoting things I learned in his classroom. He’s thoughtful, well spoken, caring, invested, and not to mention incredibly passionate about US History. All of these things plus many more make him a wonderful teacher.”

– Emily Bauersfeld

“I was in Mr. Weisler’s Advanced Topics US Government class during my senior year of high school (2010-2011). Mr. Weisler had a knack for bringing a history curriculum to life through multimedia. He inspired me to keep up with the current events with regular pop quizzes based on top stories from the New York Times. He brought the past to life with famous campaign ads and historical fiction award-winning books, such as The Looming Tower. I learned a ton in Mr. Weisler’s class and beyond. Any student would be incredibly lucky to learn from him!”

– Kimberly Strauch

“Mr. Weisler teaches history in a way that is comprehensive to everyone. In his class, if you put in the work he gave you every opportunity to succeed. It always served as a reminder that history interconnects with current events, and those that are passionate about it know studying our past is the key to building a better future. His power points were always easy to understand and informative, and he explained each one in detail giving you a full understanding on even the most dense concepts. Because of his class I was able to build writing and reading comprehension skills that I was able to take with me to college, where I majored in History and Political Science. Mr. Weisler’s class prepared me for essay writing, college lectures, reading primary sources, and research papers in a way that I wouldn’t have been without him. It helps ease the transition into college coursework in a way that isn’t overwhelming, and enjoyable for everyone.”

– Trisha Pabby 

“Mr. Weisler is a fabulous teacher. I had the pleasure of being his student for both my junior and senior years, and never once dreaded going to his class. Mr. Weisler always presents information in a clear, comprehensible manner, giving students ample material to succeed in his course. Additionally, Mr. Weisler’s classes are always engaging; he has a flexible teaching style so all students benefit from his lessons. Before Mr. Weisler’s class, my average in history over the course of my high school experience was a B. Due to Mr. Weisler’s instruction and resources, I was able to end my junior year with an A- and enter into AT Government. When I say that change should be credited to Mr. Weisler, I say it with all sincerity. Mr. Weisler is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had.”

– Bridget Foley

“I am incredibly fortunate to have had Mr. Weisler as my AP US History teacher during my junior year of high school. Several years later, I still find myself recalling his lectures and referencing my notes from his class. I attribute this to his teaching style: Mr. Weisler’s experience in the classroom and depth of knowledge combined to deliver memorable, thought-provoking, and engaging lessons. He taught US history not as a series of facts to be memorized but as a story to be analyzed. I can confidently attest to the quality of Mr. Weisler’s instruction and hope you will consider this wonderful resource.”

– Elizabeth S.

“I’ve always been passionate about history and my parents had often told me (due to a penchant for arguing) I would make a great lawyer.  Mr. Weisler’s United States Government class my senior year of high school spurned my further interest in law (leading me to pursue law school) because of the way he contextualized U.S. legal history.  Rather than focusing on a textbook, Mr. Weisler had us read more interesting books to learn about the mechanisms of government.  These books included The Passage of Power, a volume of Robert Caro’s biography of Lyndon Johnson, and The Looming Tower, a book on the missteps of the United States government leading to the 9/11 attack.  Mr. Weisler was and currently is an excellent teacher––I hope you choose to learn from him!”

– Stephen G.

“Mr. Weisler explains lectures clearly and effectively. After taking Mr. Weisler’s Advanced Topic Government course in high school, I felt prepared to take on my undergraduate coursework in political science. Once in college, I felt like I had an edge because of the knowledge and skills taught by Mr. Weisler.  Furthermore, in law school, my high school Government course provided helpful context that accompanied many legal moments in American history, which looking back shows how he packed his academic year with information. I have always been grateful I had the opportunity to learn from him.”

– Dorothy C.